Millennials For Marriage

We believe that one of the of the most effective and powerful ways to inspire and equip Millennials for Marriage is through storytelling. The Hitch Fix blog is where we share real stories from real people that will inspire and equip Millennials for Marriage. Our goal is to show our generation what true love is, why its worth pursing and how to keep love growing! Whether you want to marry, are newly, nearly or have been married a while, we want to hear your story about what makes your marriage awesome, why it is important to you and all your juicy secrets to a happy and healthy marriage!! Your story on The Hitch Fix blog will help couples become prepared, equipped and inspired for a meaningful, loving, and healthy marriage.

Millennials for Marriage’s vision is to change the prevailing perception of marriage among the Millennial generation and reintroduce covenantal marriage in a relevant and meaningful way.

Our mission is to engage the Millennial generation by starting a new conversation that embraces the importance of marriage both personally and culturally. We are focusing on marriage education, preparation, and enrichment for couples at all stages of the relationship cycle. Couples who are dating, cohabitating, engaged, or even married will find helpful resources and a place for answers and humor.

Through our campaigns, we seek to educate community leaders, religious leaders, and government leaders on Millennials’ current perception of marriage and the consequences it will have on the very fabric of our society. We work with other likeminded groups to create policies that encourage and support healthy marriages that will foster a strong society through Millennial engagement.

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